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FITAPP - Running Walking Fitness App Company
Sep 20, 2022
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The application GPS FITAPP MOD APK provides users with a lot of cool features like ability to counter steps while they are on a run. The application GPS FITAPP Apk was developed by FITAPP- Running Walking Fitness App Company web developers. The user of this application can easily get their hands on their own activity without needing any kind of trainer.

This application GPS FITAPP Apk provides users with the ability to monitor their own workout and their jogging routine without requiring an additional trainer full stop the user will not have to buy any expensive applications or watches to look at their calories burned or their own pace. This gives them the insight into their strengths and their weaknesses. This gives them the idea of the issue that they might be facing related to their weight loss journey.

Knowing the calories burned the user will also able to set their own routine and stick to it. The app GPS FITAPP Apk also motivates its user to get better at what they are already doing. This helps the user of the app GPS FITAPP Apk to monitor themselves. The app GPS FITAPP Apk ovals acts as any other social media app as it allows users to post their pictures of their workouts or when they have gone out for a run.


This helps them in connecting with their friends who might also be on different health management journeys. In this way the user may become an inspiration and a motivating guru for people around them. The bar graphs provide visual representation of the users activity and their progress.

The GPS FITAPP Apk users can also share their progress with their friends and family. The app GPS FITAPP Apk will require some permissions including the location and GPS setting permissions.

GPS FITAPP Apk features

The GPS FITAPP Apk application provides users with a lot of Amazing benefits. The features are listed below. You May Like Headspace MOD APK.

Track weight loss journey

the application GPS FITAPP Apk provides users with the ability to track the weight loss journey by counting their calories burnt per day due to the exercise they do.

Friendly and intuitive user interface

the application GPS FITAPP Apk provides users with a friendly and intuitive user interface that makes the usage of the application very easy. Anyone can easily navigate through the application without requiring a user guide.

Count calories

the application GPS FITAPP Apk provides users with the ability to count there calories burnt in an exercise session. They can also count their steps while walking or jogging.

Record distance and duration

the application GPS FITAPP  provides users with the ability to record the distance and the duration of their exercise session. The users can record the distance that they have jogged or walked in miles or kilometers.

Free of cost application

the application GPS FITAPP  provides users with all of these amazing features without asking them to pay anything in return. In this way the application is light on the wallet but heavy because of its service.

Premium version

the application GPS FITAPP also consists of a premium version that the user will have to buy to make use of IT services. It consists of many advanced features that it only available after getting the subscription.

Voice feedback

the GPS FITAPP  users can get the opportunity to get a voice feedback of different things such as total duration of exercise, calories burned, distance covered, the current speed and the average pace of the individual. Also check Castle Clash Mod Apk.


The application GPS FITAPP  provide users with a proper feed on which they can post their pictures and then share it with their friends and family. This acts like a social media application like Facebook or Instagram.

Less space consumption

the application GPS FITAPP  is a very lightweight application that does not take lots of space in a user’s phone. In this way anyone can easily download it even if they have less storage space left in their smartphones.

Weekly and monthly statistics

the application GPS FITAPP also provides users with the ability to view their progress over the period of a week or a month full stop it does so by providing them the weekly statistics as well as their monthly statistics of their calories burnt or the duration of the exercise and other components.


the application GPS FITAPP  also provides users with different types of workout in order to get the desired results.


the application GPS FITAPP  also provides users with little milestones that they can achieve and then get a Trophy from the application. This helps them in motivating themselves to work harder and get themselves in shape. Get it on Google play store.

Accurate step count

the application GPS FITAPP is quite efficient and it makes sure that the user gets to see their accurate step count on the application without any discrepancies.

Bar graph

the application GPS FITAPP  also consists of different bar graph that they can use to look at their activity status and the step comes as well as there is so that they can see if there is room for the improvement or not.


The application GPS FITAPP  provides users with the ability to get in charge of their own health by looking at the steps they have walked or jogged. GPS FITAPP  provides all of its services for free. The user is able to look at their pace calories burned, steps jogged or walked easily through the app.


Can I use GPS FITAPP Apk without internet?

Yes the user of GPS FITAPP Apk may use the app’s services without connecting to any internet source.

Is GPS FITAPP Apk the original apk file?

Yes, GPS FITAPP Apk is the original virus free apk file. It will not harm your android device or its operating system.

What's new

[+] Improved GPS Tracking (Best Results for all sports activities)
[+] Improved Weight Log for Weight Loss
[+] Dark Mode


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