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Download Adventure Communist Mod APK with these basic steps and get the highest upgraded version with Free Scientists, Communist state, and no ads!
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Anyone who is a food lover would be a die heart fan of potatoes, and I am too! What if I tell you there is a game that makes you a potato tycoon. And that too with building an empire? Potato tycoon and conglomerate do not make any sense together. Well, that is because empire-building games mostly come from the war genre of the strategy genre.

Adventure Communist Mod Apk is a fun, unique game where you plant potatoes and build your empire with unlimited money and Auto clicker. After looking through the above facts, you must be thinking about downloading Adventure Communist Android Mod Apk with Free Scientist Upgrades.

But downloading the game without any basic knowledge will be a headache. So before diving into the installation process, let us give you some basic knowledge about the game. You will also like Egg Inc MOD APK.

A basic introduction to Adventure Communist Mod APK

A leisurely game to reduce your stress and keep your mind innovative. Here is what makes this game different than others! Most of the games are about winning a war, mass murders, weapons, and stupid racing. They require all your potential in one place, and if you drop, it hinders you. That looks depressing, and if I were you, I would head straight to download Adventure Community Mod APK from this page!

Adventure Communist Mod APK - Introductory image

Let us highlight some other features shortly. And enlighten you with the details further. Gardening lovers will carry a torch for this game as one of the main features is gardening. You can summon allies to help you with your tasks, take your business to the highest level; different characters are available for other jobs.

Features for Adventure Communist

Communist State

The Communist state is the primary strategy of this game. The communist state’s evolution is indeed unique as its economy depends on the expansion of potatoes.

Managing a communist state looks baffling at the start, but you can master this art by execution in time. Enhance leadership and Trainer skills and build the best empire. Also, you can take breaks when getting tired as allies are there to handle your empire.

Characters with Unique skills

Why build an empire and waste so much energy when you can hire characters to do the same work? Enroll different characters to carry significant roles.

Adventure Communist Mod APK - Characters with Unique skills

Some characters are trained in duties like assembling potatoes. Some will perceive solutions to grow potatoes faster; there are several other duties assigned for different characters.

Smooth system

Does that ever happen to you that you play the game so much; it starts hanging and stops working smoothly? That is the common problem of every gamer that likes to play all day. But this does not happen in Adventure Communist.
If you close the game, it still keeps working perfectly and does not hang for a sec. Even if you do not open it for days and forget to play, it will keep upgrading. And the characters keep working on their duties. You will also like Castle Clash Mod Apk.

Trading potatoes

Exchanging one thing for another is the way to survive in this game. If you need something, you must exchange something valuable. That is where digging and saving potatoes comes to use.
As the bulk of potatoes increases, your popularity and fame increase too.

Various professions

This game is not just limited to digging potatoes; it has more to explore, especially professions. There are various other professions.

If you want to prepare drugs, you can be a chemist or a Scientist. Want to make weapons for the military? You can be a boss. But all these professions need to be unlocked as the level Updates.


If you are working on a significant level, you will not be alone. The game provides allies for your support, and these allies build your empire for you!

Modded features for Adventure Communist Mod APK

  • Free Scientists update
  • Rewards
  • No ads
  • Modded communist state
  • Infinite money
  • Anti blocked
  • Community login

Ad-free Adventure Communist Mod APK

Just play your game and enjoy your leisure time in a relaxing mood and get interrupted by an ad? Can you relate? Absolutely! We understand that every gamer has been there once. And it boils the blood of gamers when ads spoil the fun.

We respect your relaxing time, and that reason is enough in itself to develop an ad-free game!

Playing this game is pretty simple and suits almost all types of gamers. It is a fun game but not only for kids. Everything is basic and straightforward. And to guide you more, here are some Tips/Guides for gameplay.

This is an Adventure Communist Mod APK version 6.5.0 game with Free Scientist Upgrades, Communist State, Rewards, Auto clicker, and no ads.

Adventure Communist Tips/Guides

Open Adventure Communist Researchers to automate progress and boost the productive capacity for Researchers. Put more effort into Adventure Community Scientists to Update and expand your level. Upgrade your Ranks as you take out the community in adventure community Ranks.

You can also create Adventure community Tables to assemble the values of the raw resources required to buy buildings. Tables help you appropriately manage everything. You can also use Adventure communist Save Editor to get cheats from Save Editor.

Use these tips to improve your game level and propagate to the highest level of adventure Communist mod APK. You weill also like Pocket Waifu Mod Apk.

How to install Adventure communist Mod APK

Now that you’ve got all the essential information about Adventure Community android, you must be thinking about how to download it.

The installation process is pretty basic. We have given some steps and instructions that you need to follow, and you can download Adventure Community successfully.

  1. To start the process, click on the install or download button on this page.
  2. Remove all the previous versions of Android games from your phone.
  3. Allow installing from unknown sources in the settings icon.
  4. The process is complete, and the file is available in your store.
  5. Click on the file
  6. Give all the access to the file that it requires to install on your phone.
  7. After following all these instructions accurately, go to the main screen of your phone, your game waiting there for you to open it.
  8. Click on the icon and enjoy the Pc game!

Get it on Google Play Store.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about Adventure Communist Mod APK

Is Adventure Communist Pc game for all ages?
Yes, the outlook of Adventure Communist might look childish. But you can’t judge a book by its cover, can you? Give it a try, and you will be addicted to it.

It is not for any specific age or kids. It is for every gamer who likes to relax their mind while playing games, not take stress due to some stupid war.

How to reset Adventure communists?
Unfortunately, there is no proper way to reset the game. But you can delete and download again, and it can help.

How does Unlock Run All benefit us?
Adventure communist Unlock run all offer upgrades of Scientists and many other features.

What is the Max level of cards in increasing rarity?
11, 9, 7, 5, and 13 are the ordinary Adventure Communist Max card level.

Adventure Communist Mod APK - Rally more comprades


Download the Adventure communist Kongregate now! That is unveiling by Kongregate and Hyper hippo productions. This most straightforward game tells you your tasks. And to keep your interest maintained towards the fun, the game will give you rewards.

You are not the only one building an empire; there is a whole community on the other side. So you have to be unique and fast with your kingdom. Also, save time with an Auto clicker that clicks at one click rate every two seconds.

Be the Adventure Communist Trainer; lead your communist state. Make glory for yourself and become the potato tycoon. Good luck!



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